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Employees working in the marine industry are encouraged to take some refresher courses now and then. This is attributed to the dynamics and changes common to this industry. One such training program is the STWC basic safety program offered at https://www.maritimeeducationservices.com. This training program is accorded to employees operating commercial vessels with over 24m load line. However, some employers with SCV coded vessels that are shorter than 24m have it an essential requirement.

Components of the STWC safety refresher course

Personal survival techniques

Anything can happen at sea. As such, one aSdASdsDcneeds to have the right use survival skills to handles emergencies in the waters. As such, this course provides you with see survival theory sessions coupled with practical sessions aimed at training the participants of how to handle personal protection when abandoning a ship or when they are responding to emergency issues.

Fire prevention and fire fighting

The fire prevention and firefighting skills of the crew are an integral part of the ship’s safety. As such, the STCW basic safety refresher course has this module in place to impart the right fire prevention and fighting skills. It looks at the cause of fire when at sea and provides the learners with practical skills of ways of extinguishing them. This module covers the use of fire extinguishers along with the use of other firefighting systems.

The firefighting module also covers basic training on rescue operations during a fire. In this course, an emphasis is placed on ensuring the students are knowledgeable enough and demonstrate practical competence when it comes responding to emergency fires.

Elementary first aid

Like other modules, this module covers both the theory and practical side of first aid. It covers basic first aid skills life-saving skills. In this class, students are expected to improve their first aid and life-saving skills. After attending this course, one is expected to be able to handle casualties and any threats to their safety.

Personal safety and social responsibility

aqsdsdaScxAASdcThis module serves to provide basic training on personal safety. It also ensures the trainee has what it takes to take care of the safety of everyone on board. Ideally, this is more of a basic induction course aimed at familiarizing new seafarers with the right safety skills.

Proficiency in security awareness

At sea, you might not be as secure as you might think. You might find yourself at risk of malicious attacks. As such, proficiency in security awareness is need to ensure that both the vessel and everyone on board is secure.…


Anybody who does not have knowledge about the ultrasound field may find it surprising that there are many different ultrasound careers. It is not just one ultrasound technician who can do the ultrasound of all the body organs. Here are some of the most common careers opted in the field of ultrasound:

Gynecologic and obstetric ultrasound technician

These ultrasound specialists are responsible for checking the pelvic region of a female body. The pelvic region which primarily contains the reproductive system is checked using a probe which is touched externally to get the inside image. This is done to check if the reproductive system is working properly or not.

Obstetric ultrasound

Obstetric ultrasound is done to check if the fetal is developing properly and if there are any abnormalities. This is done to confirm pregnancy, check fetal position, gestational age, etc. Mostly the ultrasound is done by touching the probe to the pelvis, but there times when the technician has to do a transvaginal ultrasound which is done by inserting a special probe into the vagina to get a clear picture of the pelvic region.

Of all the different ultrasound careers gynecologic ultrasound is the most exciting.

Abdominal ultrasound technician

lkmmbvxzAbdominal ultrasound technician is responsible for checking male reproductive system, kidneys, liver, stomach, gall stones, and spleen. This ultrasound is done to check the soft tissues and blood vessels in the abdominal area. Abdominal ultrasound is very helpful in checking the gall bladder stone quantity and if there is a need for a gall bladder laparoscopy. The pancreas is also checked for any pain caused by the pancreatic stone. Abdominal ultrasound technicians are responsible for doing an ultrasound at the time of any invasive procedure like needle biopsy.

Cardiac ultrasound technician

Of all the different ultrasound careers cardiac ultrasound is the trickiest as it involves checking blood flow to and from the heart. He is also responsible for reviewing other cardiac problems like size and shape of an adult heart, heart muscle strength, congenital heart defects in children, etc.


Cardiac ultrasound technician is also responsible for checking any defects in the fetus due to the family medical history. This is done by an in-depth evolution of an unborn baby’s heart.

Breast ultrasound technician

Breast ultrasound technician is responsible or checking the deep breast tissues for any lump, puss or any other mass related to cancer or other breast diseases. This is usually done after a mammography where the cancer is harder to detect in the dense breast tissues. Breast ultrasound has reduced the need for a needle biopsy which is a highly painful method.

Of all the different ultrasound careers, breast ultrasound technician career is the one in which the technician has to be very humble. This is because the technician has to give right or bad news to females.

Vascular ultrasound technician

Vascular ultrasound technician is responsible for checking the blood flow and pulse rate. He checks the blood flow to different organs in the body except for heart which is the responsibility of a cardiac ultrasound technician as aforementioned. All other body organs from the brain to legs come under vascular ultrasound technician.

Neuro sonographer

wqjkpmvxzNeuro sonographer is responsible for checking the conditions in brain and spine. Everything related to tumors in the brain, cell damage, trauma, issues related to the spinal cord is verified by the neuro sonographer.

There are different ultrasound careers, but it is highly advisable to choose the one that is the most interesting for you.…


Learning the guitar is almost a rite of passage for many children, and guitar lessons can either make or break this dream relatively quickly. While many instruments available to students in school can be difficult to learn, few pose the same set of difficulties as the guitar. The Guitar Lessons Maitland make the amateur guitar players become professionals. Guitar lessons for beginners can be fun and exciting, but they can also turn a student off from music altogether. Why?

Great tips

Strengthening the Finger Tips

jkjkjjkkjjkjkkjLearning to play the guitar requires that the student endures some level of pain in the fingers. This has to do with the process of building calluses in the fingertips. Calluses are hardened skin around the area that touches the guitar strings and new students taking guitar lessons for the first time will not have any of this toughened skin built up. The strings will penetrate deep into the flesh and cause some tenderness and potentially a little pain.

Knowing the Right Form

What can be a bit tricky when talking about playing through the pain for a student is knowing when it’s the muscles in their hands and wrist that are hurting, and that they should stop. Most times during kids guitar lessons and the process of practicing exercises that are new, muscles need to be strengthened. While this process will certainly cause some level of discomfort, if the student feels pain in the hand or wrist, then they should stop and take a break. This can also be an indicator that they are not practicing the proper techniques, or their posture is not right.

Keeping the Student Engaged in Practice

Good music teachers will devise exciting exercises at the guitar lessons for the student to take home. Often, during the first few weeks, while some muscle memory and strength is being built, these exercises will be quite mundane. Ask the music teacher for some music that the student can play along with, preferable something that is popular today. It doesn’t have to be anything tricky or beyond their ability; there are always songs that can be transcribed to suit any level of player, including absolute beginners.

Keeping a Schedule

hjjhjhhjhjhjhjhjKeeping a schedule for guitar lessons is also a great benefit for several reasons. First, the body is a machine, and when a routine is developed, it begins to anticipate what’s to come. When learning guitar, by creating a consistent schedule of guitar lessons, and practice time, the student will begin to anticipate each day and will look forward to, rather than dread, the guitar lessons.…


Sometimes it may happen that students may need loans to complete their studies. These kinds of loans are lent by both federal and private settings. These loans, known as student loans, may be hard to decide on because of too many schemes being available on the market. Inexperienced persons may often be baffled with this many options and may easily choose a wrong one. Click on the active link if you want to shop around for the best lender. In order to find out the best student loan company, one should understand a student loan first.

Best tips

Student Loan overview

kkkllmmmbbxStudent loans are different than other loans and these differences are best noted in the categories that they have much lower interest rate and much flexible payment option. They generally also don’t have to pay anything till completion of their studies. It is by wish of the government that it is so and this is considered as a way of encouraging students to complete their studies.

Different Types

There are different types of student college loans available. In order to choose one that is the best for you, you naturally have to explore all the options. Mainly 3 types of loans are available namely federal school loans made to the student, federal school loans made to the parent(s) and private student loans made to the student and/or the parent(s).

The first two differ on the basis that loans to students have lower maximum limits than loans to parent(s) but payment starts earlier (in fact immediately) in case of the later. Both private and federal loans offered to students do not require any payment till the student is still studying, although federal loans offer lower limits than private ones. Also private loans can be of 2 types: school-channel and direct-to-student type.


The country’s nationality is usually the foremost criterion for school and college loans. But this does not suffice. They usually have to complete some other criteria like parent’s annual income, student’s credit score and/or a worthy co-signer (especially for private loans).

Finding the Best Student Loan Lenders

Check with the school: Most educational institutes have their own loan-schemes or alt least a manual listing the good and reputable lenders.

Find out about different programs: There is many a scheme offered by private lenders now. Look for schemes, discounts and interest reductions that are beneficial to you.

Search online:

Take advantage of the internet. Search through it to look for a suitable loan program.

Look for quick loans

kkkllmmThe college loans should be such that they pay your tuition fee at time and by convenient methods (by a cheque or wire-transfer).

Other things that you should look for while you take college loans is that so the monthly payment once you graduate should not exceed 10% of your expected salary. It is important to find a suitable private student loan in order to avoid complexity and uneasiness in the future.…


In the United States, millions of people or even more are faced with student loan problems. Some have missed payments, and the interests have already built up while some have just completely neglected their obligations. However, non-payment of student loans have consequences. It can greatly hurt the credit scores of the borrowers, and it will also entail legal procedures. This is one of the main reasons organizations like LendEDU have been established. They are reaching out to all student loan borrowers to find ways to settle their debts.

Paying off student loans

gfsagfasgagsStudents who have availed of loans for their college education are given just a few months after they have graduated from college to start repaying their debts. Otherwise, the interest will begin to incur, making the amount bigger and bigger not to mention the penalties. This is a typical scenario among individuals who are having troubles with their student loans now. Due to several reasons, they were unable to make the payments. But whatever the circumstances are, a student loan is still an obligation that needs to be paid on time to avoid problems.

Student loan refinancing

To help with the increasing dilemmas of student loans, refinancing companies have started offering their assistance. Student loan refinancing is quite helpful particularly to those borrowers who took out multiple student loans. With this method, a new company will be involved, and it will refinance the loan/s. The good thing about it is, a borrower will be able to start fresh. The refinancing company will settle the original loan or loans, and a new agreement will be made under new terms and conditions.

The primary goal of student loan refinancing is to provide a lower interest rate, and it may even lower the monthly payments. This is quite beneficial because the borrower will now be able to make repayments within his/her ability to pay.

How to find a refinancing company?

gfsgfsagsahgsaNumerous refinancing companies are offering their help nowadays. But with their increasing number, it could be difficult to choose one that can provide the best deal. This is why LendEDU is reaching out. They are committed to finding the best refinancing company that could help a particular borrower according to his or her circumstances. On LendEDU’s website, an individual will have to put in pertinent information and LendEDU will match them to different options, all of which are the top companies with the best offers.…


Job hunting has always been a huge challenge to everyone regardless of the field of expertise. You can only imagine the number of applicants who are trying to impress an employer just to get one spot in a certain company. For this reason, you should always be prepared and be at your best whenever you go to an interview. But before then, it is imperative that you do research and send your applications to multiple companies or corporations depending on the industry that you are interested in.

If you are in search of a rewarding health and safety job, click on https://bryan-armstrong.com/health-and-safety-jobs/. This particular website has a listing of vacancies in various companies.

Health and safety job

gfagfagfagfaaaHealth and safety jobs in any organization are quite important in maintaining the working conditions of workers free from any source of infection, injury, or accidents. Individuals who hold such positions are responsible for monitoring and handling potential threats or dangers that are coming from everyday work situations. Most of the time, this type of job is given to those people who have an education related to public health or environmental science.

Finding a health and safety job

Many applicants are aspiring to land a health and safety job. Once you see a job vacancy on this specific field, you can already expect that hundreds of other job hunters are aiming for it. And so, it is crucial that you prepare yourself for the competition.

Here are useful tips on how you can find and get hired for a rewarding health and safety job.

1. Look up job vacancies

While checking the classified ads in the newspapers would always be an option, it would be better if you utilize the Internet in looking up vacancies for health and safety jobs. Doing so will enable you to submit your application right there and then.

There are many websites that you can browse to search for rewarding jobs related to health and safety. You can visit the site of Bryan & Armstrong and check out the list of vacancies.

2. Have a solid education under your belt

If you are aiming to get hired for a rewarding health and safety job, having a solid education under your belt is a must. If you have a diploma in occupational safety, industrial engineering, environmental engineering, and other related courses, you can be sure that you can easily get a job.

3. Prepare your certificates and other documents

fgasasfaasMost of the time, employers would like to see your certificates and other documentations that would support the level of education as well as the experience that you have attained. So, make sure that you have all those papers handy.…


A thesis is not just an ordinary essay. It is a complete document that shows how a student researches, analyzes, documents and presents information. Your thesis writing skills will be a deciding factor as to whether you progress and achieve success, or you get stuck.

Nobody may have told you this, but writing a thesis goes just beyond educational purposes.

Thesis writing tips

Are you willing to go down this road? Check out the tips below:

Venture in your field of interest

It is highly advisable that you should write a thesis on a field or subject matter that is of interest to you. Every single word that you write will be a reflection of your gvcftt35ed5y27ued6t272sentiments. Your supervisors and instructors will see the authenticity of your work and genuine interest. All they’ll have to do is to point you in the right direction, and you are ready to go.

Use a central theme

Get to the specifics. What are you trying to accomplish? At first glance, the reader should understand your objectives. Limit the scope of your work because if the paper appears to be too broad, your readers will never know what you are trying to accomplish or your work will appear disjointed. Additionally, following a broad scope is boring and you may end up losing the plot.

Follow a logical sequence

Express your thoughts in a step by step process. Be sure to break your paper into distinct sections that build on each other. It goes like this; the introduction presents the statement of the argument. The paragraph that follows builds on the evidence and other facts to support the original statement. To add credibility to your work, you have to use case studies and other concrete examples.

Answer the questions How? Why? What?

A thesis is not just about writing statements. You have to be factual and back up the claims that you are making. Explain what is happening or happened, how it happened, and why it happened. Based on certain hnvrd234erd5t26ey52r72observations and criteria, what are the future implications? (If any exists). To ascertain if you have answered these questions, let a friend read through your work and tell you if they understand what you are writing.

Proofread your work

This is a no brainer. You have to go through your work over and over again to check that each sentence makes sense to the reader. Further, look out for grammatical errors and correct them. A thesis is a piece of scholarly work that is archived and displayed for the world to see. Therefore, it has to be perfect as it will be used as a basis for reference.

Thesis writing does not have to be an uphill task. If you grasp the tips above in your fingertips, it’s practically going to be a walkover for you. Go on. Be successful and get the breakthrough in life!…

Selecting A College

a4dChoosing a college is a huge decision, one that will follow you for the rest of your life. The college that you choose and the major that you selec can have a major impact on your future.

Rightly chosen college allows professional and life exploration. Here are some of the best tips on selecting the college. These tips will help you evaluate the potential colleges before you apply.

Start by analysing yourself

The first step is to examine yourself, and your reasons for going to the college. Take out time to analyse your interests, strengths and weaknesses. Not every college is the best fit for everyone. Find a college where you would fit in well.

Know your major before applying:Many students enter college without knowing their preferences about the major. Well, that is ok; but it helps if you have some idea of a career or a major. It helps in narrowing down the list of colleges that specialize in that field.

Check out the curriculm

Once you have shortlisted few names, check out their online websites to know about the academic programs, available majors, college curricula and the reputation of the college. Find out how active and engaged the faculty are. The college faculty helps in classes, recommendation letters and mentoring.

Find out the cost and possible financial aid possibilities:Another important factor that you need to consider is the cost of tuition fees and the financial assistance options. Talk to the concerned authority of the college about what kind of financial aid you are eligible for.

Do not choose the college only on the basis of tuition fees. Remember, by choosing the right college, you are investing in your education and future.

Visit the campus

Most of the students decide the college by visiting their web page; but campus visits can actually provide you an overall feel of the university. Choosing the wrong environment can make you unhappy, and will affect your focus on studies.

Therefore, visit the campus to know more about the university environment, student rooms and other additional facilities. Keep in mind that you will be spending time over there, so make sure that the place is right for you.

It’s best to start the process as early as possible so that you can scrutinize all the factors carefully, and you do not have to rush to a decision. The above mentioned tips on selecting a college will help you make an informed decision.…

How to Complete Your Degree Online

cs3When you look on the market, you can find many schools that offer online degree program for many students these days. This type of program allows you to get your degree from the Internet now.

You can save a lot of your time and money for pursuing your favorite degree from your own home. This type of program is suitable for all students who have a lot of activities in their daily life, so they don’t have time for attending any offline courses. Here are some useful tips about how to complete your degree online.

1. Find the best online degree program

This is the most important thing that you should know, especially when you plan to get many benefits from this program. You can compare some available schools, in order to check and compare their online degree programs. Don’t forget to read some reviews from other students, so you can take a look at the overall reputation of these programs. You have to choose the best program that receives good reputation from other customers nowadays.

2. Check the requirements

If you want to complete your degree online, you need to check all requirements from your favorite online degree program. There are some important requirements that you should know, for example required credits, minimum GPA, essential online courses, and many other details. You can contact the representatives from your program, in order to learn more about all requirements from your online degree program accurately.

3. Fulfill the residency requirement

This is another important thing that you have to understand now. Not many people know about this requirement. Most schools usually require their students to fulfill the residency program before they can award a formal degree for their students.

You need to take about 5 – 10 courses from the college where you are going to complete your degree. You should contact your school or college, in order to learn more about this residency requirement. This program usually takes about 6 – 12 months at the end of your study period.


Completing your degree online should never have to be difficult. You can simply choose the best online degree program that is suitable for your own needs. It is important for you to contact some of your favorite schools, so you can take a look at all requirements and details from them.

Their customer representatives should be ready to help you learn about their online degree programs and their requirements. Therefore, you should be able to complete your online degree program easily and quickly.…