STCW Basic Safety Training Refresher Course

Employees working in the marine industry are encouraged to take some refresher courses now and then. This is attributed to the dynamics and changes common to this industry. One such training program is the STWC basic safety program. This training program is accorded to employees operating commercial vessels with over 24m load line. However, some employers with SCV coded vessels that are shorter than 24m have it an essential requirement.

Components of the STWC safety refresher course

Personal survival techniques

Anything can happen at sea. As such, one classneeds to have the right use survival skills to handles emergencies in the waters. As such, this course provides you with see survival theory sessions coupled with practical sessions aimed at training the participants of how to handle personal protection when abandoning a ship or when they are responding to emergency issues.

Fire prevention and fire fighting

The fire prevention and firefighting skills of the crew are an integral part of the ship’s safety. As such, the STCW basic safety refresher course has this module in place to impart the right fire prevention and fighting skills. It looks at the cause of fire when at sea and provides the learners with practical skills of ways of extinguishing them. This module covers the use of fire extinguishers along with the use of other firefighting systems.

The firefighting module also covers basic training on rescue operations during a fire. In this course, an emphasis is placed on ensuring the students are knowledgeable enough and demonstrate practical competence when it comes responding to emergency fires.

Elementary first aid

Like other modules, this module covers both the theory and practical side of first aid. It covers basic first aid skills life-saving skills. In this class, students are expected to improve their first aid and life-saving skills. After attending this course, one is expected to be able to handle casualties and any threats to their safety.

Personal safety and social responsibility

boatThis module serves to provide basic training on personal safety. It also ensures the trainee has what it takes to take care of the safety of everyone on board. Ideally, this is more of a basic induction course aimed at familiarizing new seafarers with the right safety skills.

Proficiency in security awareness

At sea, you might not be as secure as you might think. You might find yourself at risk of malicious attacks. As such, proficiency in security awareness is need to ensure that both the vessel and everyone on board is secure.

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