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Not everyone looking for a job is a fresh graduate. Some people are forced to look for greener pastures when they are old. As much as old job seekers might have lots of experience to bring into an organization, most employers tend to be reluctant when employing them especially in jobs that require fresh blood. If you are somewhat old you find yourself in the job hunt game again; this write-up shares a few pointers that can help.

Limit what you put on your resume

hiring If you are an old job seeker, the chances are that you have lots to add to your resume. As such, there is no need to have a detailed list of every single position you’ve held in your professional life. On the other hand, you should avoid having your graduation dates and another detail that might make you look too old for the job. This is especially true considering that some employers might be quick to turn down your application based on age along and not what you have to offer.

Have a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is an amazing place for job seekers of all ages. There are at least 10 million active job posts on this platform. However, having a LinkedIn profile does not come with an assurance of landing your dream job anytime soon. You also need to make an effort of leaving some employer a message. Being on LinkedIn at an advanced age, most employers will be convinced that you might be a great fit for the job.


If you have been in the industry for some time, the chances are that you have established a decent connection. Tapping into those contacts can help you learn about possible job opportunities or even make it easy for you to land a job. Having good connections might not only improve your chances of getting a job, but it also let you know about possible openings before other applicants.

Focus on recent and relevant experience

dream jobLanding an interview opportunity is a victory of its kind on the road to employment. For instance, if you are passionately looking for a job in the post, you should focus on your recent and relevant employment depending on the position you are applying for. Ideally, doing this might convince the employer to pick you over younger people citing experience.

Selling yourself might be difficult once you get to a certain age. Luckily, you will always have a chance if you sell yourself in the right way.…